Leaving London

Moving out of London is the latest craze for London residents. However, before you decide that moving out of London is for you, you should list all of the pros and cons. I have been thinking about moving out of London, but I know that it would be a challenge for me. First of all, I would almost certainly have to give up my career with cheap London escorts. I am not sure that a career change away from London escorts is the smart thing for me.

Working for London escorts is great. That is all I really have to say about it. Many women think that working as an escort in London is not a good job. I used to think to think so as well before I joined my first London escorts agency. But, since then things have changed. I have really come to appreciate that working as an escort in London is great when you compare to other jobs that you can do in London. If I moved out of London, I am pretty sure that travelling into London every day would be too much for me.

Would you be able to find a house or an apartment? Thanks to working for London escorts, I have been able to buy my own apartment in Greenwich. Yes, I know that I could sell it and buy a place outside of London. It could even be cheaper to buy a home in one of the home counties. But, there are downsides to that. I think that I may have to explain to a bank that I work for a London escorts agency. After all, most banks would wonder how a girl my age has ended up with her own mortgage-free apartment in a rather nice part of London.

I would also not find it easy to do all of the things that I like to do when I am not at London escorts. As it is, I can now easily go shopping and go to all of my favorite stores in London. If I lived outside of London, I would have to travel in to go shopping. On top of that, my beautician and hairdresser is based in London. I am sure that there are hairdressers outside of central London, but I am not sure that they would be as good. Yet another reason to carry on living in central London and working for London escorts.

What could I do on a night out? In London when you go on a night out, there is so much to do that you are spoiled for choice. The girls at the London escorts agency that I work go to all of these exciting clubs on our nights off. If I lived outside of London, I would find it really hard to hook up with the girls. I would also lose all of my favorite clients. Like so many other London escorts, I am fond of many of my clients. If I were to lose them, and never see them again, I think that I would end up being very upset and start to miss them. No, despite of everything, I think that I will stay in London.